The Guest Ranch closes October 31 and reopens May 1 2021.

Your Guest Ranch Vacation in BC starts at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch. Located in the sunny Interior of BC and surrounded by cattle country, mountains, forests and lakes. Our exceptional scenic trail riding and Gourmet Food are all part of your Natural Horsemanship Ranch Holiday in BC.

Home away from home

When you arrive at the ranch, you’ll feel your worries drift away as you settle into perfect harmony with the rhythms of nature. British Columbia is known for its beautiful landscape, relaxed atmosphere and high quality living, so our guest ranch is no exception.

Natural Horsemanship

Campbell Hills Guest Ranch offers exceptional horseback riding in the mountainous BC terrain surrounding the ranch. We make use of a technique called natural horsemanship.  This philosophy is based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication. Our horses are ridden with no bits in their mouths and without metal shoes on the trails, which creates happy horses!


Come and explore the way we do things at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch. Ride a horse on the alpine meadows, observe unique birds in their natural habitat and discover the many hidden fishing spots right here in the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia. We guarantee it’ll be a horseback riding experience unlike any other.

What Makes Us Unique

Campbell Hills Guest Ranch is located off Highway 1, just outside of Kamloops. We are at about the midway point in between Vancouver and Banff. Our ranch is easily accessible, while still remote enough to provide rest, relaxation and solitude. So what are you waiting for? Get on your way to the Natural Horsemanship guest ranch BC of your dreams!

We offer Deluxe Guest Ranch Vacations in BC for guests with a great variety of ranch activities. Back Country Horseback riding Adventures, Wildlife viewing, Natural Horsemanship, Deluxe Rooms, Cabins and Gourmet Food.

Seasonal Horsemanship vacation BC Canada (Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas – New Year)

Each season of the year provides distinctively different kinds of guest ranch vacations that appeal to families, couples, and solitary travelers. The goal is to calm the mind, body and spirit. The ranch facilitates a natural horsemanship program with depth, to assist guests in the advancement of their personal life and horse relationship. A true place to unwind, reboot, build trust and reconnect with nature.

So whether you love to ride through the alpine meadows filled with wildflowers in the Spring season, or looking for a classic summer guest ranch vacation for your entire family, a relaxing fall color vacation for adults-only, or a dreamlike  Canadian Christmas Holiday, we’ve likely got seasonal guest ranch vacation options that will suit your taste.

Any Questions? Please e-mail us, so we can help you plan your vacation, make room arrangements, or schedule off-site activities.

Your Guest Ranch Vacation in BC

Guest Ranch Vacation in BC

Natural Horsemanship Riding Holiday in BC

Horsemanship vacation BC Canada

Spring at the ranch

brings the return of everything wild, green and fresh to the Campbell Range Lands. You will ride through lush meadows and wildflowers of every color. Maybe we will see young wildlife on the trails. The Monte Hills will remain snow-capped into early June. The contrast is stunning.

It is a time of great energy; the renewal of life is in full force. Spring time  is one of the best seasons of the year to vacation and ride horses at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch.

Your guest ranch vacation in BC

natural horsemanship riding holiday


in our picture perfect Western setting is the ideal location for immediate wilderness access.  Either on Horseback or Foot, Kayak or Mountain bike. It provides your entire family with opportunities for outdoor play and activity.

Swimming with our horses is a special highlight and a welcome refresher on our hot summer day rides.

Natural Horsemanship riding Holiday BC

Natural Horsemanship Riding Holiday in BC


arrives mid September at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch bringing a sublime, golden season to the Campbell Range Lands. With a slower-paced time of year, when the children have returned to school and the atmosphere of the ranch beckons to adult travelers in search of this dramatic setting in the Monte Hills.

The Horseback riding is exceptional. A prime time for wild life observations, deep relaxation, serious leisure, fine meals and crackling fires.

Curious ranch horse saying hello

Horsemanship vacation BC Canada

Christmas and New Years Holidays

in winter wonderland of the Campbell Range Lands is a truly special time. Families and couples  return to celebrate the spirit of this holiday season in a picture perfect ranch setting.
We create an atmosphere of homecoming and celebration so you can just relax. You can spend time with friends & family without having to coordinate meals and activities.

Our daily winter activities are Snow shoeing, Guided ATV rides, Bonfires, Horseback riding, Hot tub and Wood fired Sauna!