Our Campbell Hills Guest Ranch Team

In an ever-changing global environment, our Campbell Hills Guest Ranch team promises their guests a true Western Riding and Natural Horsemanship Experience right here in the heart of British Columbia.

We pride ourselves and our staff with an open-minded international culture to provide a unique and personal Western trail riding vacation. When it comes to food, personal attention and lodging, we strive to pamper our guests and refrain from being rustic.
We consider your stay at this BC Guest Ranch as much a vacation as a learning adventure and we ourselves are always open to learning new things, be critical to ourselves to continuously improve the natural horsemanship experience for our new and returning guests.


Owner / Head-wrangler Bernadette:
Initially a bit timid of horses, Bernadette has benefited from the many natural horsemanship clinics, countless hours in the saddle, exploring and developing new trails. During the season she rides between 4 & 6hrs each day. As a result, Bernie comes with a calm, no drama, but firm personality and many riders enjoy her company as she loves to share her knowledge, is careful and does not take risks when it comes to safety.

Bernadette works with dedicated international wranglers who went through an extensive natural horsemanship training and wilderness first aid course.

Kitchen / Housekeeping

Owner / Chef Martin:
Martin CreutzLechleitner has been passionate about cooking simple, great-tasting food since his mom first introduced him to cooking at an early age. Fast forward as a restaurant owner in Holland and Canada , Martin developed a deep passion for fresh local and possibly organic food and so loves to talk about food/sports & creating new dishes.

Martin works with various international volunteers in his kitchen who have a background and or deep interest for the food /hospitality industry.

Wranglers at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch

Martin the Chef cooking his famous ribs

Barn Assistants and Wranglers

Every season we train new international Volunteers and Wranglers in the Natural Horsemanship Philosophy. It is a great opportunity for us, to share our love and care for horses with young dedicated people, knowing that these Volunteers and Wranglers take this home and pursue their careers based upon this kind and humble philosophy!