Ranch Internship and Volunteer Positions

We offer Ranch Internships and Volunteer positions at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch.

Our Ranch Internship program offers so much more than just a line item on your resume. It will be a life-changing experience that profoundly expands your vision of who you can be and what you can accomplish. In all of our ranch internships, we challenge our interns to clearly identify and continuously re-evaluate their interests, goals, and purpose. So while you’ll certainly gain valuable work experience through this internship, You will benefit immensely from the Total Horse Care and Natural Horsemanship Philosophy (leadership training and personal development that our ranch internships facilitate).

Our job is to make peoples dreams come true and our focus is on providing our guests with exceptional standards of Natural Horsemanship, Hospitality and Service.

Ranch Internship Program Benefits:
  • Can be used to meet University requirements
  • Natural Horsemanship builds your leadership abilities and develops self-confidence
  • Live and learn in and from a Natural Herd environment that facilitates constant opportunities for real-world training and personal development

Life time journey Natural Horsemanship & Healthy lifestyle:

To do this, we need talented people who have a background with horses and a strong desire to learn about natural horsemanship, share our love for a Healthy Ranch Lifestyle and who truly want to provide guests with a lifetime of memories. Interns and Volunteers receive room and board in our staff residence, limited WiFi and trail rides on days off in this beautiful part of BC. Natural horsemanship philosophy, groundwork, total barefoot hoof care (time and weather permitting). In exchange for working on this BC guest ranch, in both horse-related and non-horse related activities.

Ranch Internship Program
Volunteers & Horsemanship

Application Requirements

For all Internship & Volunteer positions:

  • A Working Holiday Visa is required please check: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/iec/eligibility.asp
  • ETA only allows for 1 month Volunteering (we do not accept ETA applicants)
  • All Applicants must be at least 19 yrs old, max 35 yrs and non smoker!
  • Every Volunteer / Intern is required to carry personal liability insurance that covers horse-related activities.
  • A Ranch Internship is a physically demanding occupation. We work 5 to 6 days a week and you have to realize it is not a 9-5 job, as we work in a team and help each-other. You must be physically fit and able to carry out the demands of the job, which includes, but is not limited to, handling horses, cleaning arena/pens, unloading feed bags, stacking hay, lifting heavy saddles, repairing fences, clearing trails, etc. We expect you to be able to think ahead, solve problems, work well alone as well as with others.
  • Volunteers / Interns must be reliable, trustworthy, responsible, self-motivated, and able to stay on task even when the going gets rough. A good work ethic and a positive attitude are essential.
  • Minimum stay: (For winter positions there is more flexibility and learning about Natural Horsemanship!)   During the operational season 3 months. Preferred stay 4-6 months (No start / end days in Busy Summer Season) Longer stays are encouraged to make the most out of your stay. Experience has shown us that it takes the average volunteer two to four weeks to get into the daily routine.

Please take note that we do require that you send us a short cover letter about yourself as well as a photo so that we can put a face to a name plus application form attached.

Ranch Internship Program

Cariboo Trail ride