ake view from Trail Ranch horse

Meet Our Ranch Horses

Because we practice natural horsemanship at our ranch here in Kamloops, our horses are level headed and responsive on the trails.

Meet our herd of Ranch Horses below. They can’t wait to head out for a trail ride with you!

Ace, 12 yr old Rocky Mountain Gelding:

Ace helped me in my Natural Horsemanship journey. Being a left brain introvert  he gave me many puzzles to solve. He discovered how to open gates with his nose, loves treats and likes to play fight in the herd!

Elisha, 24 yr old Arabian/Bashkir Mare:

Elisha is our only boarder. Aleta comes to visit her regularly and pampers her. Elisha still goes out on the trails occasionally and carries kids on her back.

Noha, 15 yr old QH Mare:

We rescued Noha in November 2015 and she gave us Billy on April 13 2016. Since she was a broodmare all her life, she never experienced keeping a foal, so we allow her to keep Billy by her side. Noha has never been ridden before, and we hope after natural weaning to make progress with her training.

Gunner, 7 yr old Red Roan QH Gelding:

Gunner is our latest addition and a dream to ride. In the herd you can find him at Noha and little Billy’s side.

Billy, 2yr old QH Colt:

Billy was born April 13 2016.  He is fully halter-broke and loves to play with humans and members of the herd. He is a cheeky little colt who changes colours all the time. Very curious what colour will be underneath his winter coat!

Honey, 18 yr old Rocky Mountain Mare:

Honey was Franzi’s wrangler horse for 2 seasons, and does amazingly well considering her history of abuse. She is ridden only by wranglers.

Blacky, 21 yr old Standard-bred Gelding:

Blacky is our indisputable herd leader, very wise and calm cool and collected. We retired him in 2016, due to arthritis in his hind legs. Still a great babysitter for the little kids who get pony rides in the arena and can help grooming him.

Jewel, 7 yr old Palomino QH Mare:

Jewel has had an extensive training at the ranch and tested us with her left brain introvert character. She surprised us many times by letting us think her being stubborn while she was actually afraid.  We learned a lot from her, and she has become a great trail horse for our guests.

Bobby, 16 yr old QH Gelding:

Beautiful calm and responsive quarter horse who loves the trails. Great Teacher in our Natural Horsemanship Courses!

Rocky, 12 yr Palomino Mustang Gelding:

Rocky amazes us with his beautiful character. He is an awesome trail horse who neck reins, loves to jump, and in the herd he plays a lot with Yukon to test ‘who is who in the Zoo!

Brandy, 18 yr old Rocky Mountain Mare:

Brandy is our Cadillac when it comes to smooth trail riding. She can be ridden English or western in a bosal. Very responsive trail horse and a dream to ride. In the herd she is the bossy alpha mare and in a true relationship with Black.

Spartacus, 10 yr old American Paint Gelding:

Our volunteer Sarah named him, and yes he still has this very cute face. He is a great trail horse and has a beautiful trot and canter.

Buck, 14 yr old Standard-bred Gelding:

Bucky is an insecure big horse, ridden most of the time by Bernadette in the front! He came from the race track and sadly dealing with nervous issues. Has a lovely brisk walk, which is great for keeping the right pace for group riding.

Spurr, 11 yr old QH Gelding:

Good ol’ Spurr with his dreamy eyes. He is obsessed with food, which is not good for him, so we have to separate him sometimes from the grazing herd. All our volunteers are instantly in love with him and spend undemanding time with him, when he is not on the trail rides.

Chance, 25 yr old Mustang Pony:

Chance is our Kids horse. On the trails he neck reins and has lovely jog to keep up with his short legs. The kids love to groom and braid his beautiful manes.  In the herd he started playing with Yukon which is quite special since he used to be a bit of a loner.

Storm. 14 yr old Tennessee Walker Gelding:

Our biggest boy 16.3 hh. With a beautiful trot and canter. Storm loves to cuddle and groom and is usually around Cochise when in the herd.

Charlie, 16 yr old Standard-bred Gelding:

A big boy 16.2 hh. Who plots along on the trails. If you want a calm and gentle trail ride Charlie is your boy!

Sully, 14 yr old Standard-bred Gelding:

Sullivan has naughty eyes but is a big sweetheart who loves the trails and can go all day long.

Chip, 27 yr old Appaloosa Gelding:

Chip still thinks he is a teenager when in the herd, but super responsive on the trails. We use him mostly for younger people a few times a week!

Travi, 13 yr old QHMare:

Travelina Princess is her full name, and she has the perfect quarter horse face. A beauty at 14.2hh. Unfortunately due to a chronic chest injury not used for trail rides, but for kids pony rides in the arena. She loves the grooming and cuddling. In the herd she is very attached to Billy and Noha!

Cochise, 15 yr old Paint Gelding:

Cochise is a 15.2 hh trail horse who is quite sensitive and super responsive to aids. Lovely canter and trot! He loves to buddy up with Storm when in the herd.

Thor, 8 yr old Fjord Gelding:

When Thor arrived at the ranch fall 2016 he tried to become leader of the herd, but wise Blacky didn’t allow him yet! Maybe in a few years when he is grown up!  He is in training and will be pulling the sleigh and wagon together with Zeus.

Conan, 20 yr old Percheron/QH Gelding:

Conan is another big boy, 16.2 hh who is a gentle giant on the trails. He takes his time, loves to graze and hang out with Chance.

Yukon, 2 yr old Mustang Colt:

Yukon is our BC Wildie! We rescued him from the Washington border where he roamed with 7 other babies. This journey is very fascinating for all of us, since he was truly wild and untouched before he arrived at the ranch. With lots of patience, love language and leadership he has blossomed and trusts humans which has made us better teachers. He brought many gifts to the herd. With his presence in the herd, even the timid horses develop more play and exuberance!

Easy, 19 yr old Tennessee Walker Gelding:

Easy still thinks after all these years that Brandy is his momma, which she is not plus she doesn’t even like him. Easy is gaited and super smooth on the trails. Very light and produces a dream canter!

Zeus, 18 yr old Fjord Gelding:

Big big sweetheart. Loves to be cuddled and groomed by all of us. Is a bit of a loner, and still adapting to life in a herd environment. (Before he came to us he lived an isolated life in the Kootenays with Thor)