Communication course for humans & horses


“looking at things from the horse’s perspective,” This Communication Course will give anyone a greater understanding of themselves, their horse and all horses as well as the human/equine relationship itself.

The key to a truly successful partnership with the horse is respecting and understanding the emotions and self preservation of the horse at all times. This is where the communication and body language starts for human and horse.

Day 1:  9.30am-12pm

Theory and Groundwork All Day

  • Horsenalities & Zones
  • Reading the horse (head position, ears, eyes, lips and tail)
  • The power of energy and intention in communicating with your horse
  • How to be a more effective influencer over your horse and why presence of mind is so important
  • Why “hard will” actually works against you (Predator behaviour, hard versus soft eyes)
  • Why breaking a task in small steps will make you more believable
  • Use phases effectively (air, hair, muscle, bone) Match energy


  • Simulations (learning to use lead rope and carrot stick)
  • Catching and leading your horse
  • Lateral flexion from zone 3 (Neck bending)
  • Asking for HQ with the right energy (with lead rope or hands)
  • Friendly game
  • Follow the feel of the rope
  • Questions, what did you learn?

Day 2: 9.30am-12pm

Groundwork morning

  • Repeat previous day exercises
  • Squeeze game
  • Sideways
  • circle game and change directions using FQ & HQ with drive and draw (Only when there is enough time)

Riding afternoon 2pm-4pm

  • Turn horse 90 degrees toward wall (everyone at same time) and go sideways
  • Transitions with objects (Walk, trot, stop, back up)
  • Turn horse 180 degrees (change directions, everyone at same time) and walk out
  • Lateral flexion in the saddle
  • Asking for HQ in the saddle
  • Stop the horse and back up in straight line 3 steps increase to 5 when horse is light
  • Turn horse 360 degrees (everyone at same time) and walk out
  • Questions, what did you learn?


Day 3: 9.30am-12pm

Groundwork morning

  • Friendly game, leading horse, backing up with body (chicken dance)
  • Weaving with tires (Drive & Draw)
  • Squeeze game, obstacle HQ,
  • feel of the rope
  • Circle game

Riding Afternoon 2pm-4pm

  • River Trail ride (finding their feet for better timing)
  • Questions, what did you learn?


Day 4: Morning only 9.30am-11.30am

  • Repeat groundwork exercises which need more attention individually
  • Saddle horses & explain saddle fitting & Questions