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Natural Horsemanship Courses

Our Natural Horsemanship Courses are great for beginner and more advanced riders who want to get more knowledge, learn to read their horse and increase their confidence on the ground and in the saddle. Our main focus is a clear and honest communication between horse and rider.

Learning new communication / body language skills, enjoy a ride on our scenic trails, listen to the river, relax at the Saloon / Games-room, sleep like a baby in one of the bedrooms of the private homestead. Pair all of that with Bernadette’s passion and patient natural horsemanship instructions, and you’ll be sure to go home with skills that you can use for the rest of your life!
For small groups of up to four students max.

4 night Horse Communication Package: $ 1,250 p.p. excl taxes & gratuities

The Horse Communication Course is offered from June 6 -10 2022 and October 3 – 7 2022. (Adults Only)


To make a natural connection with the horse it is obvious that we need to communicate with him on his level. For this to be possible we need to raise our awareness especially of our unconscious actions as we are continually giving him signals whether we mean to or not. The horse reads our body language and emotions which of course are both related to our thoughts. As we become more in touch with all our senses we can react with appropriate sensitivity and timing. So often problems arise in training horses just because we are doing too much. Natural Horsemanship is about the horse teaching you about yourself!

Connection and Awareness become knowledge:

Knowledge Leads to Confidence! If we are not aware of ourselves we cannot expect the horse to understand us or feel good being in our company.
While learning to connect with a horse, who is a purely intuitive being, we will learn to be quiet and still in the present moment and authentic in our communication. Luckily for us horses are extremely tolerant of our human clumsiness which allows us to learn from him along the way if we pay attention to the feedback.
The horse has no hidden agenda and asks us to become more natural and take total responsibility and grow confident around them!


Every morning: Natural Horsemanship in ranch arena and play area, where we go over Communication, Energy use, Lightness, Rapport and Connection. Simulations with other students, groundwork /games with horses (how to interpret body language).

Every afternoon: we ride in the arena and practice what we have learned! One River trail ride included.

Services / Amenities:
  • 4 night stay, Accommodations: Room in the private homestead
  • Wireless Internet at the ranch
  • Fully equipped Games room (Pool table, Darts & Fusball Table)
  • Pick up/Drop off fee: $160 per ride to and from Airport or E bus station or Hotel in Kamloops (per vehicle max. 4 guests)
  • Daily choice of Packed Lunch, Fruits, Coffee and Tea
  • Check-in between 3pm and 6pm, Check-out before 2pm
  • saddle fitting & questions on Departure day.
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Max Weight is 220LBS=100KG. For the health and well-being of our horses, weight limitations are in effect. Accurate height, weight and riding experience (based on beginner, intermediate or advanced) is required upon booking for each rider.