Learning better horsemanship

At Campbell Hills Ranch we have made it our mission to not only inspire and teach the Natural Horsemanship philosophy to our interns and volunteers but to our guests as well. Let’s start at the very beginning.

Better Horsemanship, are you a Boss or a Leader?

The road to Better Horsemanship starts with the choice of being a Boss or a Leader to our horses or humans. This has many more consequences for our horse’s behaviour than what people might think. Let me explain in more detail.

A horse trainer who acts like a Boss will not shy away from force when he thinks it is necessary to get a result.

“Show your horse who’s boss”, “Make your horse do it”, “Repeat this exercise a thousand times before your horse knows it” are some of the instructions these horse trainers will tell their students.

A Leader on the other hand, will guide the horse in a passive persistent way. When you can make your idea your horse’s idea with the right amount of pressure and release, you are on the right track.

When you recognize the differences in approach (Boss & Leader) in a ‘horse trainer’ it means that you are ready for a better Horsemanship journey.

Billy leading Thor

horse leading a horse

First meeting with your horse

Most people underestimate this, but the training starts the moment your eyes meet your horse’s eyes. When you start with being present in the moment, you will immediately feel awareness in your body. This helps your horse, who deserves your full attention since he lives in the moment.

Horses are Great Teachers

Ultimately our horses become our great teachers when we erase our ego and instead use humility (Being humble) with our communication.

Yukon first time haltering and leading

connect gently with allow

Kids have a natural humble approach with horses

Powerful and Meaningful words

Words like ‘humility’, ‘allow’, ‘harmony’ and ‘feel’ will become very important for you and your horse on a daily basis.

Do less sooner than later, be always mindful of the sense of self-preservation of your horse, read his body language and work with the horse’s mind to get to his feet.

I hope this blog has inspired you to jump start your Natural Horsemanship Journey.

Check back with us next time when we delve deeper into Humility Allow, Harmony and Feel and how these words become essential tools in your training.