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Natural Horsemanship Riding Holiday in BC
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Horseback Riding

Campbell Hills Guest Ranch is a horseback riding ranch with an emphasis on natural horsemanship with great horses for all levels of riders. When trail riding, we consider the different skill levels of riders and their expectations.

Horses are our teachers

Horses don’t care how much you know, but they know how much you care. We use a technique called Natural Horsemanship, which is based on the principles developed by Buck Brannaman, Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Mark RashidJosh Nichol and Pat Parelli. The practice centers on the relationship between the horse and rider, forming partnership and trust on the trails. The principles of natural horsemanship are based on the psychology and body language of the horse, and work to create a safe, fun, and respectful horseback riding experience.

No bits in our horses mouths

We are very proud to ride our horses in bosalshackamores and rope halters instead of painful bits. Our horses are used to these aids, which are soft and gentle and create a responsive and happy ride.

A personalized horse for each guest

When you come to stay with us and you book trail rides, we will assign you a horse for the duration of your stay. Before we go on our first trail ride, we’ll introduce you to your horse in the ranch arena. We will explain how to communicate with your horse, as well as the basics to have a safe and enjoyable trail ride.

Get Fit for your Trail Rides

Good overall fitness, strength and endurance are helpful because riding taxes many parts of the body. Sure, the horse is burning most of the calories, but all your muscles are working to hold your position on a moving horse and the faster you go the more they work. After five hours in the saddle you will have had a good workout. Your legs, your back, your core and your arms all come in play. Exercises like walking, running and biking can certainly help you, but they do not use all the same muscles to the same extent as riding properly does and you can surely be a better rider if you make a special effort to develop the ones you need most. After a long ride most people are pretty tired, but there is no reason at all why you have to be sore.

Horseback riding Exercises

The better shape you are in, the more effectively you will ride and the more open you can be to enjoy your riding vacation. Max Weight is 220LBS=100KG. For the health and well-being of our horses, weight limitations are in effect. Accurate height, weight and riding experience (based on beginner, intermediate or advanced) is required upon booking for each rider.

Click for max. Weight & Height Restrictions for Horseback Riding

Riding Program

We offer two, half-day trail rides per day. We also offer Natural Horsemanship Courses in the Spring  & Fall, to connect with your horse on their level. At our ranch we offer slow-paced rides to experience nature from horseback. Open up to a deeper connection to nature through your horse, a powerful experience. Feel the movement and rhythm of your horse and let it guide you.We assess every guest’s fitness level and ability in the ranch arena or on the trails to make sure you have a good balance (no bouncing) & horsemanship skills and can handle a horse in walk, trot and canter. Both rider and horse’s safety is our highest priority here at the ranch.

Helping care for your horse

We encourage all our guests to participate in caring for their horse. We always appreciate help with daily grooming, feeding and giving them baths on hot summer days.

Never ending trail rides, just for you

With endless miles to explore, you will seldom ride the same trail twice. Our wranglers will guide you along the Bonaparte river, majestic forests and stunning viewpoints here in the Lands without limits of British Columbia.