About Us

Meet your hosts Martin and Bernadette Creutzlechleitner.
Both share a passion for Natural Horsemanship and during endless trail rides in this beautiful part of BC they decided to build their dream guest ranch on their beautiful 160 acre property, just outside of Kamloops.

Martin & Bernadette (Bernie) Creutz Lechleitner moved to Kamloops, BC from Holland over 18 years ago. Bernie grew up on a dairy farm, but found her way into both the music and health and fitness industries over a number of years. Meanwhile, Martin was becoming an expert in the restaurant industry, eventually specializing in catering for weddings and corporate events. After moving to Kamloops the pair owned and operated a successful Dutch pancake house that is still open to this day. 

It was after buying their sprawling property outside of Kamloops that Bernie discovered natural horsemanship. She instantly knew she would only continue down the exciting path this new technique was laying out for her. And in 2014, Bernie and Martin were able to make their dream a reality. After compiling their various years of experience and expertise, they opened the doors of their guest ranch, operating around the guiding principles of natural horsemanship. The rest, as they say, is history.

​The ranch is nestled amidst open meadows, and timbered mountains. It stays true to its roots, decorated in a classic, Western motif.
The main lodge is both intimate and open, inviting you to make yourself at home.
We’re able to accommodate up to 20 people. And we offer only the best food and hospitality for a full service experience.