Guest Ranch Vacations

We offer personal Ranch Vacations in the heart of BC for guests with a variety of outdoor activities. Back Country Horseback riding Adventures, Wild life viewing, Natural Horsemanship, Luxury Rooms, Cabins and Gourmet Food.

Year round Ranch Adventures

Guest Ranch Vacations BCEach season of the year provides distinctively different kinds of vacation experiences that appeal to families, couples, and solitary travellers. The goal is to calm the mind, body and spirit, while facilitating a natural horsemanship program with depth, to assist guests in the advancement of their personal life and horse relationship.  A true place to unwind, reboot, build trust, and reconnect with nature.

So whether you love to ride through the alpine meadows filled with wildflowers in the Spring season, or looking for a classic summer guest ranch vacation for your entire family, a relaxing fall colour vacation for adults-only, or a dreamlike  Canadian Christmas Holiday, we've likely got a seasonal vacation option that will suit your taste

What to bring!

Most of what you need will be provided at the ranch. However, when packing your clothes, remember that Mountain (1100 meters/3600ft) temperatures vary greatly between morning, noon, and night. For your comfort, plan to dress in layers.

Here is a list of items to consider bringing to make your trip as comfortable as possible;

  • Riding boots  (rent for $2.50 a day)
  • Hiking boots (tennis shoes)
  • Over the calf boot socks, or football socks.
  • Long johns/tights for (Spring/Fall) cold weather.
  • Sport Bras
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Lined jacket
  • Jeans that are just snug, and 2 to 3 inches too long.
  • Swimming gear
  • Riding Helmet for rent @ $2.50 a day, Hat w/brim & stampede string
  • Slip on shoes for cabins & lodge
  • Sleepwear
  • Gloves (wool gloves work best for the cold)
  • Rain-gear (we do provide original slickers)
  • Sunglasses/RX glasses
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Books (lots here in library)
  •  Binoculars
  • Bug Spray for spring
  • Medications ALLERGIC TO BEES? Bring your Epi-pen!
  slicker for a rainy day in saddle
swimming with horses
Cowboy Hats at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch

Provided at the Ranch:

Slickers Rain Gear, Hair blowers, Robes, Complimentary water bottles, Saddle bags/water bottle holder, Laundry facilities & ironing board.

Any Questions? Please e-mail us, so we can help you plan your vacation, make room arrangements, or schedule off-site activities.