Noha’s connections and Natural Horsemanship Training

Continuing Noha’s Natural Horsemanship training after season of 2018.

While observing Noha in the herd, I noticed a more balanced happy horse, ready to continue her natural horsemanship training!

Noha spent most of the 2018 spring and summer with her new big friends Bella and Raven (Percheron/Canadians).

Confidence building

By the end of the summer, I started playing with Noha where we left off last year. The new indoor arena was a bit scary at first, because it made her feel isolated from the horses, but she trusted me enough to stay connected.

Confidence Games

Throwing the rope over her head and back was troublesome last year, but somehow she accepted it this year in a calm way.

Playing with the big bouncing ball made her confidence grow big time.

A lot of licking and chewing!

first ride on horse

Herd bound issues solved!

Noha, no longer feels herd bound to Billy her beautiful colt which improves her learning frame of mind dramatically! I realize, the big advantage of adding Bella and Raven to the herd played a huge role in this.

She finally puts trust in me, and knows that I always bring her back to her family and friends in the herd.

After a few weeks in the program, I started riding her in the arena, doing mainly transitions, walk, trot, stop and back up.

Amazingly she feels like a feather, remaining super light and becomes very smart at it. She knows what happens before it happens!

Lea with Noha on trails

Volunteer Lea connects with Noha

Lea, one of our volunteers from last year who helped me with Noha’s first rides, came back to the ranch this fall, and connected in a beautiful way with Noha.

Together they had numerous trail rides of various difficulty degrees! Noha spooks from time to time at objects on the trails.

Being a right brain introvert, this will always be part of her innate character, but the more progressive positive exposure she will get, the better partner she will be for Lea!

Wrangler Horse

With all this progress in her training, we have decided that the most logic step for Noha, is becoming Lea’s wrangler horse for the season of 2019.

This will be a truly happy experience for both of them, I’m sure!

To be continued.