What the future holds for CHGR

For some entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get lost in the idea of business expansion. But what the future holds for the CHGR owners, expansion isn’t on the horizon. Instead, Bernie and Martin are focused on perfecting the experience they’ve already created for their guests. And it’s that philosophy that makes their guest ranch vacations unlike any other in the industry.

“We want to keep the ranch small and intimate,” Bernie said. It’s important to her and Martin that they are able to know all of their guests names and backgrounds. They feel that it also allows them to keep the quality of service as high as possible.

And most importantly, it allows Bernie the time she needs to teach her guests about her true passion; natural horsemanship. Bernie recently started developing courses based around this ethical and alternative training method. She hopes that in the future the ranch will be known as a place to come and learn about natural horsemanship and it’s many benefits to both horses and humans alike.

view of the ranch and lake

Ranch House and pool
Healthy and Active life style:

Bernie’s extensive experience in the fitness industry back in Holland has also crept into the business. She is a strong advocate for healthy active living, and Martin is always sure to serve hearty food options to the guests to match their lifestyle. He is constantly exploring new and exciting menu ideas, and pushing the boundaries of his kitchen. Meanwhile, Bernie continues to learn and experiment with different natural horsemanship techniques out in the area, and on the trails.

In the three short years the ranch has been open, there have been a number of noteworthy experiences brought forth through natural horsemanship. But Bernie recalls one in particular that truly encapsulates the experience she wants to facilitate for her guests.

Mother & Daughter retreat:

“We had a mother and daughter at the ranch for a weekend, celebrating the daughter’s birthday,” Bernie said. The pair were matched up with appropriate horses, but when the mother went to get on her horse, Bernie noticed she appeared nervous. After a bit of gentle coaxing, the mother admitted that she had a traumatic experience with a horse in the past, and was terrified to be on one again. She hadn’t wanted her daughter to know, so she hid it as best she could. Bernie provided the mother with a number of relaxation techniques that she could do from the saddle, and then instructed her to bend down and simply hug the horse. It was then that the woman began to cry.

“That kind of thing happens all the time,” Bernie said. “ Horses have the ability to bring this out in people. They are very healing.”

For the rest of the weekend the mother and daughter enjoyed themselves. Because of natural horsemanship, the mother was given a new lease on horseback riding all together. It’s these types of situations that bring Bernie the most joy.

Keepers of the land

“We feel very privileged to be the keepers of this precious land, and the wilderness we love so much,” Bernie said. But beyond that, Bernie is grateful to be offering this service now and into the future. 
Truly, Campbell Hills Guest Ranch is so much more than just a business. It’s a place where people can come to relax, and also learn, whether it’s about horses, nature, or themselves. It’s a place you can come in need of something, and leave feeling heard, understood and cared for. The CHGR hopes to usher in a new kind of future in tourism, one that does away with unnecessary pain for our animals, and offers harmony, connection and compassion instead.